Corporate Design

Package Labels

Labels illustrated and designed for Timm Medical Technologies, Inc.

The scope of the project was to create art that would appeal to men and women. Sensual not sleezy!

Product available in adult boutiques and novelty stores.

Box Top label: Dimensions 11"w X 6 1/2"h

Box Side label: Dimensions  6 1/2"w X 3 1/2"h

Box Front and Back labels: Dimensions  11"w X 3 1/2"h

Thank you note cards

The goal for the project is to give thanks to those with the hands on work ethic. The note card design uses hand drawn scroll work as a border, to strengthen the message.

Desktop coaster

The goal for the project is to create a daily reminder for the importance of referrals as a means to attract outside talent.


Logo design for men's yoga shirt.